Smith and Son Plumbing - Smith and Sons Plumbing are Clueless

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My husband hired Smith & Sons plumbing last week and when they showed up they were totally clueless as to how to fix our leaking water heater.They charged $150 for a service call and the darn thing is still leaking.

Now I can not reach anyone from their company. I know it is the weekend, but you would think they would have someone on-call for emergencies. I do not recommend this company.

Most repair companies at least have an answering machine or answering service for emergencies.I know that both repair men that showed up at my house had cell phones on their belts, so why not provide their cell phone numbers?

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because you clogged up your toilets with all kinds of ***, why should someone immediately come to your rescue? you did not want to pay for emergency service cheapo. no one is at your beck and call no matter how much you might think so in your demented screwed up mind.

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